Color me cautious

On this Presidents’ Day holiday, I find myself pondering a question of suitable gravity:

Why have I never played paintball?

It seems to be the activity of choice for couples in many romantic comedies.

I went to see This Means War, starring Reese Witherspoon, last night.  One of the two CIA agents vying for her affections took her to play paintball.  Of course she misfired a round and got him in his manly parts.

Oh, the sting of high comedy.

Matthew McConaughey also took Sarah Jessica Parker to play paintball in Failure to Launch.  Lucky for Matthew, she hit one of his friends in the foot. And Heath Ledger took Julia Stiles paintballin’ way back in the day in the teen flick Ten Things I Hate About You.

No misfires there…except my admitting I saw it.

I can kind of see the appeal; target practice is fun.  But those paintballs look like they really hurt on contact.  And most people seem to be incredibly bad shots.

Hey — I just figured out why I don’t play paintball.

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