No drama

Thank goodness for Facebook and Twitter.

I read them during the Oscars last night, which were boring and predictable.

No disrespect to Billy Crystal intended; it’s not his fault frontrunners won every single gosh-darn award.

I mean, would it have killed Academy voters to give, say,  Brad Pitt the Best Actor Oscar? Or maybe Jonah Hill Best Supporting Actor?  Just for the drama of it all?

(I’m a Moneyball fan. So sue me.)

But instead we sat through the same people winning the same awards and giving very much the same speeches they have given at all the other award shows that have beaten the Oscars to the punch.


So if you didn’t suffer through the full broadcast like me, you may have missed perhaps the most heartfelt moment of the night — Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for Best Actress in The Iron Lady.

Her win wasn’t unexpected, but her perspective and sincerity were refreshing…especially at almost three and a half hours in.


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