Smelly cat

As society and technologies advance, some practices become archaic.

So why are people still bathing in cologne and perfume?

Most people in the United States — emphasis on most — bathe on a regular basis.  Lots of folks I know shower twice a day due to workouts and runs, god love ’em.

So as a rule — and again, I’m generalizing here — men and women in the US are pretty darn clean.

So why the need to surround yourself in a cloud of cloying cologne?  When you walk down the sidewalk, it’s practically visible.  Passersby choke on it.  Folks who hug you are left unwilling wearers of it.

And let’s not even discuss your elevator assassinations.

Perfumes were initially reserved for burial rituals, then became popular as a way to cover the stench of the great unwashed.  We are no longer — as a rule — the great unwashed.  A little goes a really long way.

Think before you spray.


5 responses to “Smelly cat

  1. It seems I can’t even walk into a department store anymore without tearing eyes and a runny nose. And nothing ruins a nice trip to the movie theater like a cloud of heavy perfume two seats down. Let’s hope the guilty parties read your post!

  2. I didn’t know that if you put those bracket things around words that it won’t diplay the words. Weird. This is how my comment was supposed read:

    (APPLAUSE) (Standing Ovation) (APPLAUSE and WHISTLING)

  3. Oh, I especially hate this when I have to endure a 3 hour exam gagging through the perfume stench of the girl sitting in front of me. It’s headache-inducing and is probably responsible for 5 of the marks I lost due to inability to think. Don’t wear perfume to exams, nobody wants to smell it.

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