Got game?

There are celebrities…

…and there are Kentucky celebrities.

Josh Hutcherson, who portrays Peeta in the blockbuster film The Hunger Games, hails from Union, Kentucky.  And like all good Kentuckians, Josh is a diehard UK fan.

He’s also a face painter.

He shared this pic last night during his appearance on Conan. And he revealed that co-star Jennifer Lawrence, also a Kentucky native, is a Louisville Cardinal fan.


Well, I definitely know who I’m backing in The Hunger Games now.


6 responses to “Got game?

  1. Kelly Brengelman

    Just another reason to love this very likable actor. Was he totally typecast?! 😉 My daughter’s beat friend ha her photo taken with Josh when he was at Ryle, watching his broter’s hs football game. She told her he was super nice. As or Jennifer, by every

  2. Kelly Brengelman

    Oops. As for Jennifer, not everyone is perfect … We’ll forgive this time.

  3. All good Kentuckians cheer for UK? You wish. Go Cards!!!!!!!

  4. Go Cards!! Go Jennifer! Kentuckian by birth, Cardinals fan by the grace of God. I can appreciate that!

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