Meet cute

I met another celeb in the neighborhood yesterday.  Or I should say, Rory did.

I wasn’t the one getting a belly rub in the middle of the afternoon.

Bob Balaban was getting food for his daughter’s dachshund Elliot when Rory and I chanced to meet him at the pet store. As always, Rory’s color and indeterminate breeding prompted questions and, before I knew it, Bob and Rory were sitting on the floor together.

I meet the nicest folks when I hang out with my boy.

With his travel schedule, Bob said having a dog isn’t an option.

Well, Bob, consider yourself Rory Dog’s official uncle.  It’s just a small way of saying ‘thank you’ for being so nice.

(And for Best in Show, Gosford Park, Friends, and Waiting for Guffmann, to name a few.)

2 responses to “Meet cute

  1. He has also guest starred on Law & Order a lot and played the head of NBC on Seinfeld. Love him! (You use Rory to meet celebs the way some dudes use puppies to meet girls, don’t you?)

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