Dear Time Warner Cable:  Two is not enough.

(As in the number of HD shows I can record concurrently per DVR.)

I have always been aware of this restriction.  But there will come a night — like tonight, Sunday night — when I have three shows in one given time slot that I want to watch and/or record.

And I’m forced to make Sophie’s Choice.

Yes, I know some or all of these programs may be available online. But call me old-fashioned — I like watching my favorite shows on my big ol’ LCD TV.

Not on my laptop or iPad.  Unless forced.

And this ‘two program limit per DVR’ is forcing me to not watch television in the comfort of my own living room.



3 responses to “Limitless

  1. No problem ma’m. Your new bill will reflect the adjustment as soon as we get our shit together.

  2. Monday nights are horrible for us. So many shows we record. Luckily a lot of my wife’s shows are on cable networks so they replay the episode all week so I have to go find the next broadcast of that episode and record it. I have to check everyday before 8pm to make sure the right shows are getting recorded at the right times. Or I have to check and see if I can see an episode On Demand.

    I remember being excited when the dual tuner DVR’s came out, now it’s not even enough.

    • I did find a 12am rebroadcast of one of my Sunday night shows. That tends to be a saving grace. But still — would it KILL TWC to give us even 3 concurrent records? We pay enough, right? (So sad that THIS is the issue I choose to champion.) 🙂

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