Let’s make a deal

I finished reading a great book today on the plane — a non-fiction, history book even.

I know, right?

To Marry an English Lord” is the book that inspired Julian Fellowes to create the award-winning series Downton Abbey on PBS.

It tells the true story of the more than 100 American heiresses who traded money for marriage —  and a nifty title in Britain — around the turn of the century.

Sound just like Lady Grantham, doesn’t it?

The real life stories, as told by Gail MacColl and Carol Wallace, are no less entertaining and compelling.  Perhaps that’s why it doesn’t feel one bit like a high school history class.

I was even inspired to order The Glitter and the Gold, a first-hand account of American heiress Consuelo Vanderbilt, who married the ninth Duke of Marlborough in 1895.  It’s considered to be one of the best accounts of the ‘aristocratic life.’

Sign me up.

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