Everything’s bigger in Texas.

Just ask Cookie Smith’s chickens.

Not that the three hens are saying who laid the ‘super egg’ in Cookie’s chicken coop in Abilene…

But you can be sure one of ’em is feeling it.

The shape and color of the mutant egg were consistent with the hens’ usual production.  But it measured an entire inch longer and weighed in at five ounces — three times the norm.

And it’s no wonder.

When Cookie cracked the big egg open, another egg — completely intact — came rolling out inside the first egg’s white.

Yep, the chicken-who-does-not-wish-to-be-named produced a rare ‘double egg,’ which experts say is perfectly safe to eat.  But Cookie took a pass.  And who can blame her?

A double stuff Oreo it’s not.

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