Super sweet me

During a break in my Boston University class today, two students were looking at a photo of a giant peanut butter cup someone had posted online.

It was homemade and the size of a platter, but looked just like the Reece’s classic…which made me wonder: 

Are there other giant candy creations on the Internet?

Uh…yeah.  And they are pretty sweet.

Check out this giant sculpture of a candy bracelet by artist Nicola Freeman.  The replica is   meant to ‘juxtapose the ideas of consumerism with childhood memory,’ but I just think it’s cool.  I mean, how often do you see candy big enough to ride?

Or how about candy corn that you can park your car behind?  It exists, people, and is currently for sale on Craiglist.

At $3,800, it’s a real bargain…don’t you agree?  You can use it for all your fall entertaining — Halloween, Thanksgiving, or anytime you want to hide the clutter in the garage behind candy.

Now, I know these giant examples aren’t made of the real sweet stuff.  But don’t worry — I found some of those, too.

Check out these lollipops the size of your help. Think of all the cavities you would have when you finished off this sucker.

Ah, heck — it’d be worth it.

4 responses to “Super sweet me

  1. where can i get one from ???

  2. Hi, where can i get a giant lollipop like this from? Thanks.

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