The view from above

File this one under TMI-Interesting.

Crouching down is good for your health…well, in certain situations.

This baseball catcher’s low stance may not improve his health in the long run. You could argue it might eventually hurt his knees or back.

And this throwing arm? Don’t get me started.

But people can realize health benefits from assuming a squatted position…

In the bathroom.

I know, I know — but hang with me.  This is pretty fascinating stuff.

A 2003 study found that people who did not sit down on the toilet to do their business — but instead crouched above —  were able to do the aforementioned  business faster, more thoroughly and at less risk of hurting themselves due to excessive strain.  Turns out the squatted stance gives you the best angle for — well, business — compared to being seated or standing up.

Ya gotta admit — that’s pretty amazing…and might come in handy some day.   Of course, we ladies have been practicing this stance for years in public restrooms…

Time to bring it home!

2 responses to “The view from above

  1. My mother in law sits on the toilet with a stool for her feet to achieve that position. Or so I’m told, I haven’t actually witnessed that.

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