Sweet justice

I taught class today at Boston University and grabbed a PopTart from the vending machine for lunch so I could do some work in the library.

One of my students said I was eating “cardboard.”

When I admitted they were better heated, she countered “Then they taste
Iike warm cardboard.”


Is this what the healthy eating craze has wrought? A generation that doesn’t appreciate the guilty pleasure that is the PopTart? Who spurn people who occasionally choose diet soda over water at every meal?

Where is their sense of food fun? Of taking a cheat meal or cheat day? Have we done such a good job of teaching them good nutrition that they have lost their food sense of humor?

I think somebody needs some Sour Skittles.


8 responses to “Sweet justice

  1. Cherry Pop-Tarts are a fabulous guilty pleasure. Also the only thing I feel like eating when I’m really hung over. Also I am incapable of eating less than a box at a time.

  2. I don’t mean to be disagreeable, but I agree with your student. I never liked them … Warm or cold!

  3. That could be it! Obviously they’re pretty good, or they wouldn’t have been around this long!

  4. I doubt the student’s comments had anything to do with “the healthy eating craze,” just a matter of opinion. I love junk food…but I agree, Pop Tarts taste like cardboard.

  5. I Love (with a capital L) Pop-Tarts. I think they taste amazing right out of the bag AND toasted. Cardboard? Scoff. That person has no idea. In other news…I hear Pop-Tarts are coming out with a gluten free version.

  6. I no longer eat them, because I am trying to get with that healthy eating craze (to some extent anyway, and once i saw the nutritional info on the side of the box it kind of ruined them for me) – but I think Chocolate FROSTED fudge pop tarts are divine – hot or room temp. Brown sugar frosted ones are a distant second for me… I have never eaten cardboard but I can’t imagine it tastes like heaven…

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