He’s who

Look who’s on the cover of Entertainment Weekly?













It’s quite a coup for the good doctor, who I am embarrassed to say I had never heard of until Craig Ferguson schooled me during episodes of Late Late Show. I now know what a TARDIS is and am proud to have a dog named after a central character…

For now, anyway (sniff).

Enjoy ‘officially’ taking over the USA, Dr. Who.  We who already follow you, salute you.

4 responses to “He’s who

  1. Is Rory okay??

  2. Whew!!

    Glad you’ve discovered the “Doctor” I have great memories growing up watching it with my brothers and having the “shite” scared out of us on a Saturday night by the Daleks and their “exterminate” catchphrase. Tom Baker, best doctor ever IMO 🙂

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