Day Two, Milan: There she is

I came to Milan to work, and today was the day.

I spent most of it in a conference room conducting a training session…and it went very well.  But at 4:30pm the work was done, and my official vacation began.

We started by heading to Milan — the city itself, not the outskirts where my hotel is located.  Luckily there is a subway stop just down the road, so off we walked, much to the chagrin of the taxi drivers lined up outside the entrance.

Our first stop was the Duomo, which is literally at the top of the station steps.  It is even more majestic then it appears in photos, and I joined the groups of people gathered ’round, head tilted way back to soak it all in.

We arrived at the very moment they closed the Duomo to tours each evening, but we still had time to take the elevator ride to the top and walk across the roof.

I don’t know how the two tours compare, but the view from the roof is pretty incredible.

We could see the entire city  — the beautiful architecture, the ugly new buildings that mar the landscape, all the people teeming about in the square, and of course, the amazing detail of the Duomo itself — both the existing structure and the extensive amount that is still under renovation.

After our tour, we strolled through the shops in the historic galleria — where children were spinning on a fresco of a bull for luck — and wandered the streets until a sidewalk cafe caught our eye for dinner.  Later we had gelato and headed to the subway to make our way back.

It was all and all a lovely evening in Milan.

Tomorrow?  We are thinking of making an unplanned day trip.  Where could it be??

Stay tuned…

One response to “Day Two, Milan: There she is

  1. Lake Como! And you might see George…Sermione was beautiful too. But don’t leave Milan without see the The Last Supper…call and book an appointment as they only let few people in at a time…don’t just show up because you might not get in!!

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