Face facts

I saw Snuffles twin at Rockefeller Center today.

Well, perhaps ancestor is the better word.






That’s Snuffles on the left — on the right, the brand spanking new version from Gund. I saw a little girl carrying him in a shopping bag near the ice rink. She had ‘adopted’ him from the Central Park Zoo.

What a difference two decades can make.

The newer version is obviously fluffier and puffier and whiter, his ears a bit perkier, his eyes shiny and direct.  But his mouth is stitched down flat, whereas my Snuffles smile is a moveable thread…so he can smile, frown, smirk, pout — whatever he’s feeling that day.

I mean, look at that face — so expressive.

But I’m sure after ten years or so, that new Gund bear will start showing some personality, too.


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