Deep in my heart

I fly to Germany tonight.

It’s for business — as is most of my travel — but every time I think about my upcoming stay in Heidelberg, it takes me back to junior year at the University of Kentucky.

I ushered every performance of The Student Prince, an operetta in four-acts that did a week of performances at the university arts center. The musical is set in Heidelberg, and after seeing that many shows in succession, it is what I associate most with the city.

When I walk into a pub this week, I fully expect to hear choruses of “Drink, Drink!” (and if I don’t, might be forced to start a round or two myself).

That operetta must be playing year round in Heidelberg — wonder if I could see it again in the motherland?  It has been a year or two since my junior year.

Time to make some new memories in Deutschland.


2 responses to “Deep in my heart

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  2. Very good.Thank you very much

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