The most unguarded of scrambled egg eaters

While The Sticky Egg is no doubt your favorite egg-y blog — thank you for that — chances are you prefer eggs cooked in a somewhat different style.

But what does your favorite egg prep say about you?

scrambled eggsAn eggs-ceptional amount.

MindLab International researched the psychology behind this consumer choice in a study conducted for the British Egg Industry Council. Here is what they found your egg choice says about you:

  • Poached egg-eaters — outgoing and happier than most.
  • Boiled egg-eaters — disorganized and at the greatest risk of getting divorced.
  • Fried egg fans — have a high sex drive (!!) and usually hail from the ‘skilled working class’ (so British, right?).
  • Scrambled eggs — preferred by people who are guarded and without children.
  • Omelettes  — are self-disciplined.

Strangely, the study didn’t say what a preference for The Sticky Egg says about you….

Brilliant?  Good looking?  I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet.

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