Mum’s the word

Did you know the Internet was international? Seems obvious, right?

Apparently not to some.

mothering sunday 3.14Today several UK-based celebs have been wishing their mums Happy Mother’s Day.

Dan Stevens, who played the recently deceased Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey.  Chris O’Dowd of Bridesmaid and Girls fame.  But they were quickly corrected by pushy, ethnocentric Americans that “Mother’s Day is still a couple of months away.”

I was at once embarrassed and entertained.

Cable television and the Internet may make programming and actors from other countries available to us here in America, but it doesn’t mean we’re necessarily going learn anything.

Well…at least we’re predictable.

2 responses to “Mum’s the word

  1. Yeas ago when I was living in England, the Brits celebrated Mothering Sunday on the first weekend after my arrival in March. I thought it would be cute to call my mom and wish her Happy Mother’s Day. What I didn’t know was that since I was out of the house (as well as my dad and brother), she decided it would be a good time to be hypnotized to quit smoking. When I rang her up and said, “Happy Mother’s Day,” I heard her groggy voice reply, “My God! Have I slept till May?????”

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