Seven years or less

Can you believe The Rachael Ray Show has been on the air since the fall of 2006?

I moved to Manhattan that July; her show debuted a few months later.  And I signed up for free tickets on the website.

They arrived in my inbox today.

rachael rayCan you believe that??

I mean, I don’t watch the show anymore, so I don’t really care.  But how can The Rachael Ray Show have a seven-year waiting list?

I live right down the street, for cripes sake.  You’d think at some point they would have called me to fill in on a slow taping day.  Other more popular shows certainly have once I was on their mailing list.

Even Late Show with Jimmy Fallon reserves seats a month out.  I’ve been able to see Daily Show several times.  Saturday Night Live and Late Night with David Letterman are harder tickets to score, but even they have standby lines.

So what’s the deal with The Rachel Ray Show?

Maybe it’s her Oprah-esque giveaways that limit her tickets.  I want to think that.  Let’s think that.

Wonder what I’ll get…

2 responses to “Seven years or less

  1. Yay Carla! Hope you get more than a mouthful of good food!

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