Back to the future (no — the other future)

I watched The Terminator during lunch yesterday.

terminatorThe movie is almost 30 years old, but certain things still hold up.

1. Arnold is scary.  When he forces his way into Sarah Connor’s home and kills her roommate and boyfriend, that still totally freaks me out.  I can remember coming back to my apartment after seeing The Terminator in 1984 in the movie theatre and lying in bed, mapping out my escape route if a cyborg broke in.

We’re talking sleepless nights, people.

2. Michael Biehn (Kyle Reece) is hot.  He comes back from the future to save Sarah Connor, so he’s already a good guy…and then we all know what happens next.  (Cue the sexy music.)  But here’s a tip — don’t go looking at his current photo on like I did.

It has been 30 years, after all.

3. Linda Hamilton has bad hair. I’m pretty sure I thought that at the time as well.  And I really think it now.  We’re talking serious helmet head.  But she is the mother of John Connor, who saves the planet…

So I will cut her some slack.

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