Being a sore loser

I thought I was over it.

I was wrong.

being ericaI loved Being Erica, an original comedy/drama/fantasy that aired on Soap Net before the network closed up shop in 2011.

Working with a very special therapist named Dr. Tom, Erica traveled back and forth through time.  With his help, she was able to revisit moments of regret and change her actions — usually in ways she had not anticipated.

The show was produced in Canada, and there were rumors it might be picked up by another network or produced in a new format in America.

Neither happened.

So now from time to time, I will encounter one of the show’s former stars in another TV show or movie…like tonight, when I saw Morgan Kelly [pictured above,  second from right] in a forgettable Lifetime movie.

I wonder if Brent misses Erica as much as I do?  And if yes…is anyone from the show traveling back through time right now to fix this whole cancellation nonsense?

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