Fair-weather friends

Fickle, thy name is golf announcer.

You can quote me on that.

U.S. Open - Round TwoI watched as much of the US Open Golf Tournament this past weekend as my work schedule allowed.

The leader board morphed and changed throughout the four-day tourney at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

But nothing compared to the announcers’ ever-changing opinions and support of the players at the top.

When Phil Michelson was leading the pack going into Sunday, they couldn’t say enough about his talent and the timing, with his birthday and Father’s Day all coming together.  He could finally erase all the other runner-up finishes at the Open.

When he failed to deliver?  They just wrote it off to “missed opportunities.”  There were no shows of support, no explanations.

Phil just messed up.

As other golfers took the lead — Mahan, Day, Els — the announcers’ support surged and waned.  They could always explain who was best, and just as quickly write them off.  Might as well keep them behind the microphone, though —

They’d be murder on a real relationship.

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