No accounting for taste

Do you find it so stressful to shop, cook and clean dishes that you would rather not eat all?

Rob Rhinehart does.

rob-rinehart-soylent-576km061713He’s a software engineer in Atlanta who found it hard to find time for all food-related activities.

But he did find time to research what nutrients his body needs to survive and created Soylent, a drink mixture of vitamins and minerals.

Now he drinks Soylent for 90 percent of his meals. He doesn’t find the nutrition drink boring and has actually lost the taste for other foods…although he does say in his blog that he still enjoys sushi.

I’m guessing his taste buds have surrendered…

Or just don’t have the strength to complain.

3 responses to “No accounting for taste

  1. Reblogged this on Kevs' Blog and commented:
    This looks interesting.

  2. I will take the purple please.

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