All hail the fist pump

I’ve watched a lot of tennis over the past fortnight — I’m watching it right now — and I’ve decided that we all need to take a lesson from players like Marion Bartoli and do a heck of a lot more fist pumping.

marion bartolimarion bartoli2



marion bartoli2marion bartoli





It just helped her win the Wimbledon ladies championship.

And we’re not just talking one fist pump after a great serve or a good point — sometimes she did four or five in a row.  Which got me thinking…

Why not fist pump my day-to-day activities?  Will that help me to do more?  Achieve more?  Win more?

Or even better, have great arms???

One response to “All hail the fist pump

  1. I was watching the tennis earlier on too!
    And guess what? I too noticed the multiple – sometimes consecutive – fist pumps!
    Great post, your idea to fist pump your day-to-day activities has inspired me to do so as well. In fact, I think I already do it…but I’m still a long way away from achieving great arms…:)
    Have a great day!

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