True blue

You can take the girl out of Kentucky, but you can’t take Kentucky out of the girl.

A scene from last Sunday’s The Newsroom on HBO — which took place in March, 2012 — had on a television set in the background playing footage of a UK Wildcats NCAA tournament game.

So of course, I had to mention it on Facebook. And my friend Dennison posted the quote at the top of this post in the comments section.

March Madness, baby.

Josh_HopkinsThat same quote came to mind just moments ago when Kentucky native (and UK grad) Josh Hopkins, who co-stars with Courtney Cox on Cougartown, tweeted:

Anybody in the Atlanta airport? 3 hour layover. Bored.

Only a Southerner would forgo his ‘star status’ and reach out to his followers on Twitter for some company.

‘Cause we’re friendly like that.

(And we win championships.)

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