Picture this

I was sitting at my desk today and wondered —

Does the rebus still exist?

I loved solving this picture puzzle as a kid, so I Googled it…and was relieved to discover that rebuses are alive and well and all over the Internet.  In kids games.  In artwork.  Even in one advice column where the answers are provided in rebus format.


But my favorite rebus discovery was Narragansett Beer — they’re using the rebus as part of their advertising campaign. In fact, they have an entire page on their website devoted to rebuses.

Here are a couple of my favs. See if you can solve them.

NBeerRebusThe answers — and 62 more rebuses — are on their site.


One response to “Picture this

  1. Yeah, there’s a cheep brewer that has rebuses on bottle caps. Shake that ass was quick. I need to think about the other. Thanks, John

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