Wake up, duffers

I was in Boston the past five days sans DVR. That meant no late night talk shows in the morning.

Oh, the humanity.

Since I can’t really stomach Today even more, I started channel surfing and discovered a different kinda morning show–

Morning Drive

morning driveIt’s a morning show on The Golf Channel.

They talk golf, and only golf. Just golf. Lots of golf.

I like golf, but even I was fascinated at the minutiae of golf they discussed.  And maybe they were starting to feel the same way, too.  Because earlier this week, they did a live shot from their own parking lot…

…to expose the bad parking job of Holly Sonders, one of the hosts.

What does this have to do with golf?  On the surface, nothing.  But to the Morning Drive team, it gave insight into her golf swing.

Okay, then.

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