All keyed up

Oh, the power of the postcard.

I got one earlier this week promoting the new Off-Broadway musical Murder for Two. It intrigued me so much, I bought a ticket to today’s matinee.

Let’s hear it for snail mail!

murder for two

Murder for Two is a small scale production — just two actors, a piano, limited stage dress and no costume changes — but boy, does it impress!

Both actors play the piano; they take turns, in fact, throughout the show. One actor investigates the murder that has brought us all together. The other plays 12 different suspects, distinguishing each with a simple lilt in his voice, a hand gesture, a carefully used prop.

The songs are clever.  The choreography of their movements — exits, entrances, switches between characters and the piano — are on point and brilliant.  And the show is funny.

Just so very funny.

The older gentleman seated next to me summed it up best midway through the show when he turned to his wife and said,

“What have you gotten me into?”

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