Movie pre-show peeve

I spend a lot of time — and money — in AMC Theatres.

So I see their pre-show policy trailer a lot. It’s morphed and changed of late, and not for the better.

Case in point: earlier this year AMC updated their brand. That’s when they debuted this policy trailer:

They must have quickly realized the glaring white background was hard on the eyes in a dark theatre, so in the summer they relaunched this version:

Personally, I’m not sure the color is the biggest problem. After the tragedy that occurred in the Colorado movie theatre, the dicey characters in trailer don’t make me harken back to iconic films…

They make me look around to see if any crazies are sitting close by.

Even more recently, AMC has added a more fully rendered version of the ‘dot people.’  (I couldn’t find it posted online.)  In this policy trailer, a bear ‘eats’ cellphone texters…and motorcyclists hit cattle on the information superhighway.  It’s all very symbolic, but clearly —

Someone at AMC isn’t an animal lover.

I miss the Inconsiderate Cellphone Man. Any chance of him coming back and rubbin’ out these dots?

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