The little people

I have often dreamed — and schemed –about winning the lottery.


How I would react. What I would buy. How my life would change.

This week I won the Powerball — albeit $4, but a win nonetheless — and learned something new to add to my imaginary lottery list:

How my family would glom onto me.

I won a lousy four bucks, and they all wanted a piece. I mean, after the $2 ticket price, the profits wre slim to none. But they still wanted their cut. So if I won a multi-million dollar jackpot, it seems pretty clear…

Changing my phone number is now job one.

4 responses to “The little people

  1. A charmed life indeed.

  2. maybeishouldwearabra

    Is there a game where you live that allows you to choose a three digit number? The odds are only 1,000 to 1, and the pay-off is probably 500 to 1. These are my favorite types of games, and I never usually bother with the games that have odds of something like 100 million to one!

    Hope you win something soon!

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