Small world, big city

little manhattan posterRight after I moved to New York City in 2006, I saw the movie Little Manhattan on cable.

It had been released the year before, but I had unique experience of watching the characters interact on the streets right outside my Upper West Side apartment — when those streets were still fairly new to me.

It was also a love story — albeit an innocent one — between an 11-year old boy and girl, which you don’t see every day.

It was on cable again today.  I caught the last 30 minutes while I was eating lunch.

This time the streets were very familiar — even more so, since I have moved even closer to the film’s epicenter.  The story was still sweet, but one of the actors is now…

Break-out famous.

That little boy is none other than Josh Hutcherson, Peeta in the Hunger Games saga.  My, how he has grown.  And back when I first saw Little Manhattan, I didn’t realize that Josh was also a fellow Kentuckian.

New York City really is a very small town.

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