No surprise

I watched the entire Oscars telecast last night, so I am sleepy today, but not because I was up late —

Because it was so BORING.

Where were the surprise winners? The endearing, incomprehensible speeches from dumbfounded winners? And no, I don’t count the garbled speech of presenters — like John Travolta and Harrison Ford — who can’t read a teleprompter.

I don’t watch awards shows to see actors deliver their lines. (That’s why I go to the movies.) I want some spontaneity. Some mistakes. Some signs of life and humanity.

Thank goodness Benedict Cumberbatch and I had some fun on the red carpet before the big snoozefest began.


One response to “No surprise

  1. Wow! Two of our favorites here – neither of which have anything to do with U2. Our family avoided the inevitable Oscar boredom with a little pre-planning. As we have two teenagers drinking games are out, so before the telecast we all picked the number of times we thought we’d hear the excruciatingly over-used word “amazing.” In a closer race than Gravity vs.12 Years A Slave, Sophie’s guess of 45 won her the coveted frozen yogurt with all the toppings. The actual tally was 44 – and that only includes @ 10 minutes of red carpet/fashion coverage. We didn’t want to have to use a calculator.

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