Uptown girl

When we were young, my sister and I spent many a fun-filled afternoon playing “camping” with our Barbie dolls — and our brother’s GI Joe action figures — in our family’s formal living room.

(Other than Christmas, it was the best use of that room.)

The green carpet was obviously the grassy forest floor. We used Kleenex as sleeping bags. And Dr. Seuss books tilted open were the perfect tents. Plus, GI Joe had a jeep, so there were lots of four wheelin’ and other shenanigans.

Those were simpler times. Barbie wanted simpler things.

Today’s doll?

barbie camping


5 responses to “Uptown girl

  1. Holy cow! Barbie is branching out to nicer things lol. My sister and I would bungie jump our Barbies off the balcony with a string or tie them to the fan and watch them fly around. Haha! Much simpler and hilarious times. 🙂

  2. I used to pull my dresser drawers out, toss the clothes, and open a Barbie apartment. Every drawer was a separate flat – complete with (mom’s) maxi-pad mattress/bed.

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