Yo quiero Taco Bell

I don’t eat much fast food, and it’s not because I’m a health nut.

Far from it.

It’s just my favorite fast food restaurant, Taco Bell, isn’t in my neighborhood…thank goodness.

Why is the Bell my fav?

Well, I’ve never liked hamburgers, so that eliminates most other chains. Mexican food I love.


And after seeing this sign, I appreciate the Bell even more. Chalupas and a sense of humor?

Where do I sign up?

4 responses to “Yo quiero Taco Bell

  1. Jane E Pryor

    I have a friend whose hubby is a regional HR rep for Taco Bell. He might help you get s job!😉

  2. Sense of humor is right! Don’t you remember years ago (of go) when corporations started buying major buildings and sites – The Staples Center, Great American Ballpark, etc? Taco Bell bought a full page ad in USA Today saying they’d bought the Liberty Bell!! That’s right….making it the Taco Bell Liberty Bell!?!? It was April 1st, but they didn’t run the second ad till the next day saying they were fooling. I still say Taco Bell Liberty Bell to this day….and I’ll take the Mexican pizza with that.

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