Rory 1998-2016


The Sticky Egg lost its editor and inspiration yesterday,  my cockapoo Rory.  He was 17 years old.

Quite simply,  he was the best person I’ve ever known,  and I’m so lucky to have shared his long life.

Rory never knew a stranger,  so he has many friends who mourn his passing with me. Thank you for always showing him such love and affection. He loved you all in return.

Thank you too for your support, for listening, for understanding. Rory is at peace now, and with time,  I will make peace with that.

Parting is all we know of heaven,  and all we need to know of hell.  – –  Emily Dickinson

8 responses to “Rory 1998-2016

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Rory’s passing. I know he was a good, loyal and well-loved friend, as you were to him. Thank you for showering him with so much love and dignity. We morn with you.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Carla. Rory was a very lucky puppy to have you in his life. I’m glad I got to meet him.

  3. Patricia Carrico

    so sorry Carla, Saying goodbye to a special member of the family is so difficult, I still mourn for our Toby.We received this: Dear God:
    My pet, Rory, was so special. The death of the dear animal has left me empty. Please help me during this time with remembering the joys we shared.Let me focus on the delight that Rory brought to my life.Animals are such a wonderful part of my world You created and Rory will always be with me.

    You gave Rory a “forever’ home and now he is running free with the angels.

  4. DeeAnn Parkinson

    Feeling terrible for you, Carla. I know firsthand how tough it is to let go. Take care – DeeAnn

  5. Jennifer Barucco

    So very sorry… I only know Rory from your blog, but he was a handsome looking fella…

  6. Goodbye Rory. I like the thoughtful quote.

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