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Your moment of zen


The butterfly pavilion at the botanical gardens in Phoenix.

Ahhh. …..

A winter blanket

My day was as quiet and as beautiful as this looks.

Central Park Snow 121413 CPsnow121413

Thank you, snow, for giving me a great excuse for some much needed couch time with the Rory Dog.

What I did today

Not too shabby.

Montauk: Day Three

Tonight was the annual lighting of the Montauk Lighthouse — thousands of festive white lights, that is — the official kickoff of the holiday season.














As you can see, the lighthouse is pretty impressive on an average day. It was recently named a National Historical Landmark — only the 12th lighthouse to earn this distinction.

(A historian on the grounds tonight shared this tidbit.)














The lighting ceremony was scheduled from 4:30-7:00pm, and it was conveniently dark by 4:20pm. And cold — really cold. But the organizers made us stand around and shiver until 5:30pm.














It was totally worth it.

Candy going green?

You know that old-fashioned ribbon candy you sometimes find at Christmas?

Turns out it’s not inspired by ribbons at all.

Asplenium NidusIt’s the spitting image of the bird’s nest fern (left).

I’m not a big plant-and-flowers kinda gal, but I think this one is a beauty.

And much like candy — which attaches itself to your hips and thighs upon ingestion — the bird’s nest fern attaches itself and grows upon another plant or a building.

How ironical.

The road less traveled

During our morning walk in Central Park, Rory and I climb these stone steps every day..

Well, I climb them.

Rory uses the avoidance method.

A thousand words

What does a gorgeous Saturday feel like?

Photograph by Lalith EkanayakeExactly.


Photograph by Lalith Ekanayake

Creepy crawlers

cicada-close01This very bug scuttered across my foot today in Central Park.

Okay, maybe he’s a relative.  But it looks just like him.

And where did I found the ‘police sketch’ of the insect in question?

On a bottle of beer.

Cicada Indigenous Ale, to be exact.

Funny how something that looks so bucolic on a bottle of brew…

Creeped the living the shit out of me at 7am.

The very best

What do you see here?


Two flowers? Some greenery? A railing and steps?

You obviously haven’t worked at Hallmark.

When I see flowers in pairs, I think “that image would work well for love, engagement,  wedding, parents…or even mother and child” (if one bloom is noticeably smaller than the other or is a bud).

The same goes for groups of flowers. Or leaves. Or tree branches.

Even though I left Hallmark over 12 years ago, I still look at scenes in nature and put a card caption on ’em.

I think I may need a get well card.

Pay it forward

This made me smile from ear to ear…so I simply had to share!

happy turtleSpecial thanks to Earth Pics for spreading the joy on their Twitter feed.

Check their Instagram account for more amazing photography.