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Sorry, Charlie

SPOILER ALERT — this blog talks about last night’s shocking elimination on Dancing with the Stars.

In hindsight, it was inevitable.

charlie whiteHost Tom Bergeron and the judges were aghast that Olympic ice dancer Charlie White and professional partner Sharna Burgess were eliminated just one week shy of the finals.

But with his ice dancing partner Meryl Davis also in the competition (paired with popular-bad-boy dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy), Charlie was dead in the water.  The two were bound to split their fans’ votes, and Maks is way more popular than Sharna.

Meryl wins.

The celebs that remain have their unique voting blocks as well.  Candace Cameron Bure (of Full House fame) can’t go a show without evoking Jesus’ name, so she has the conservative right sewn up.  Singer James Maslow of the boy band Big Time Rush has the hottie vote.  And Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy is dancing brilliantly on two artificial legs — artificial! — and paired with Derek Hough, who is popular enough to win with almost anyone.

So yes, strangely enough, Olympic ice dancer Charlie White was the clear underdog.

Pinch me

house of cards

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late post.

I’ve been binge watching House of Cards Season 2 all day.

I’m on Episode 10 of 13 right now. I’ve taken breaks for dog walks and meals and noteworthy Olympic events.  And later this evening — if I haven’t already completed the season — I’ll have to call a hiatus to watch a very important college basketball game (UK/Florida).

If it weren’t snowing again, this would be the PERFECT DAY.

The book of love

While I watched the Olympics last night, I did the only thing I could ever medal in —

Cleaning out closets.

I am world class both at organizing what I have and purging what I want to sell and/or give away.  And my timing couldn’t be better!

Today is not only Valentine’s Day, it’s also:

book giving day

After my big closet purge, I have two big boxes of books that I am going to donate to my local library.

Now, what could say love more than that?

The Olympic domino effect

When you visit Sochi, the water in the sink looks like this.

sochi water






When you wash your face in that water, your eyes look like this.

bob costas ick






When your eyes look like this, you have to give your prime-time Olympics anchor chair to Matt Lauer.






And when you let Matt Lauer anchor the Olympics in prime-time, babies cry.

babies crying






Don’t make babies cry, Bob Costas.

Stay away from shitty water.

Of mice and women

sochi logoI arrived home from Florida tonight in time to watch the Winter Olympics Figure Skating Team Competition.

The US was sitting near the bottom in 7th place…then the ice dancing team of Meryl Davis and Charlie White — the reigning Olympic silver medalists — knocked one out of the park and moved the Americans up to 3rd.

Meryl Davis looks like a china doll on the ice and sounds like Minnie Mouse.  I get a bit of a complex just listening to her speak.

Is this what a woman is supposed to sound like?

Raise your hands

There may still be questions about the United States’ participation in the Winter Olympics in Sochi…

go usa mittens

But the team has my support!

Want your own way cool mittens?  Go to to support the US athletes in Russia.

Then we can meet on the street and do the secret Olympics handshake (which I don’t know, but I’m hoping you do).

On target

I have thoroughly enjoyed our guessing game.

Have you?

white and red dotsFor those of you just joining us, I posted this picture in yesterday’s Egg and asked for guesses as to the building’s identity.

The entries have shown range and creativity — everything from a pig to a museum, a ship to a stomach ulcer.

So close, and yet so far.

Actually, the photo depicts one of the shooting arenas at the Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich in the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London.

Now, before you say, “No fair!  I would have never seen that,” the shooting events at the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics were held here.  So you might have spied it on NBC’s Olympics coverage.

And if you did, you would no doubt remember.  I mean, how cool is that?

Selling the games

We’ve all probably watched the Olympics at some point and imagined ourselves, standing at the medal ceremony, singing the national anthem with a gold medal around our neck.

It’s a nice dream.

But how about a trash bin that was actually used in the athletes village bathroom?  Did you dare dream you’d own one of those?

Be still your heart — you can.

In fact you and 2,505 folks willing to pony up the 2.5 British pounds can turn your toilet into an official Olympic shrine by shopping

And you won’t just score trash bins, no sirree!  We’re talking traffic barriers and clocks, fire extinguishers and TV stands — all kinds of items the Olympic athletes used during the games.

Want a mattress slept on by an Olympic swimmer?  Now’s your chance!

How ’bout a mirror that was looked upon by a gymnast, track star or beach volleyball player?  Get your credit card ready.

Now…isn’t that better than a medal?

Breakfast at Wimbledon

Guess which Olympic sport I’m watching this morning?

Murray vs. Federer, for the gold medal, in a Wimbledon final rematch — it will be EPIC!

(Now, sit down everyone…and put down your balls.)

Chip off the…

Do you chocolate chip cookies?

I mean, really chocolate chip cookies?  Then today is gonna be a great day for you!

Today is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

That means chocolate chip cookie ers everywhere are going to celebrating.  And by celebrating, I mean buying and cooking and eating their favorite cookie of all time.

I mean, really — how can you not chocolate chip cookies?  All that chocolatey, yummy goodness?  It would be practically un-American!  And you don’t want to be un-American smack-dab in the middle of the Olympics.

So, show your and eat a cookie.  You won’t get a medal, but…

You will get a cookie.