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One note

Has a mere fortnight passed since I praised the writers of “Saturday Night Live” — and musical/guest host Taylor Swift — for a very, very funny show?

Seems so long ago now.

They followed that stellar evening with the hosting tragedy of January Jones from “Mad Men.”  Funny — she and Taylor are both tall, beautiful blondes, but wow — the comparisons end there.  January couldn’t tell a joke, keep a straight face, play different characters — hell, even read a cue card.

Some people are born to play supporting roles.

On a more positive note, our friend Jason Sudeikis was in pretty much every sketch…so good for him.

Last night’s show had tremendous potential in the guest hosting turn of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  His most recent movie was the oh-so-wonderful anti-romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer,” but he has been equally brilliant in darker indie films like “Brick” and “Mysterious Skin.”

Joe had a much better show overall, but SNL fell into one of its old habits, which kept Joe’s show from being a Taylor Swift uber-success:  they found out that he could sing — something we haven’t seen him do much on TV or film — and they had him sing the entire show.


Joe singing his monologue was surprising and funny.  But then Joe played a Latin American singer in the next game show sketch…and sang.  Then Joe played singer Jason Mraz in a talk show sketch — and sang.  Then Joe played a cruise ship singer — and sang  — in a Thanksgiving dinner sketch.

We get it.  Joe can sing.  But is that all you guys got?

Taylor Swift is a singer, but she only sang her monologue and one other “greatest hits” commercial spoof.  Joe, the film actor, sang more than Taylor Swift, the CMA Entertainer of the Year.  And I’m including her musical numbers.

I’m surprised they didn’t have Joe sing something during Weekend Update. (Don’t worry, guys — you can use that idea on your next show.

Cinema bondage

What is the last movie you bonded with?

Bonded — you know what that feels like. Where you are smiling before it ends.  Where you join everyone applauding at the end.  Can’t stop thinking about it that night…or the next day.  Bore your friends and family talking about it, practically recruiting people to go see it.

And end up seeing it again at the theatre…at today’s prices.

What was your last movie bonding experience?

My friend Caroline and I were discussing this topic last night at dinner.  She hasn’t had this feeling for a very long time — she estimates, in fact, since she saw the movie “Chicago” way back in 2002.  (Wow — I still find that hard to believe.)

Now, I go to the movie a bit more frequently than Caroline…and to fewer with talking animals. So I feel I have more opportunities to see films that give me those bonding moments. But even I had to pull up imdb.com to remind me what movies in 2009 had given me that special-wecial feeling.

My choice to date for 2009?

“500 Days of Summer.”  I saw it at a special sneak preview in New York City.  I loved, loved, loved this ‘anti-romantic comedy’ — that’s what the critics quickly dubbed it — and I know I bored a lot of people afterward, encouraging them to go see this incredible little indie film.  I hope you saw it.  If not, add it to your Netflix queue….now

So, what film did you bond with in 2009?

Inquiring minds want to know.