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Gotta love those Brits


That’s the only way to describe About Time, the new movie from writer/director Richard Curtis, who has brought us such classics as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill.

about time movieEveryone in the film is charming — even the folks who are grouchy (because they are grouchy in that funny, British way).

The homes and flats are charming. The ‘meet cutes?’ Charming. And the time travel conceit is treated with a light hand…not the gloom and doom that you might remember — and star Rachel McAdams had to endure — in The Time Travelers Wife.

Plus, Rachel and Domhnall Gleeson are the cutest couple on the entire planet.

That’s not to say About Time is all English Breakfast tea and crumpets.¬† Curtis definitely has a strong message to share about love and life¬† —

But he’s just so charming about it.

It feels like the first time

Actors hate being typecast.

But producers (who like money) and audiences (who like what they like) usually support it. Perhaps that explains why Rachel McAdams is starring in yet another romantic comedy, About Time.

It looks great, right? I literally cried the first time I saw the trailer. But Rachel playing the wife of yet another time traveler?

It’s like she’s cheating on Eric Bana!!