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Sorry Charlie

Windowless Room.  Day Three.

I’m free!

It’s been a race to the airport since I escaped the confines of my meeting room today.  The only story I’ve been subjected to – and I use that phrase with purposeful intent – is Today’s coverage of Charlie Sheen’s latest antics at a New York City hotel.

I remember when Today wasn’t so easily confused with Entertainment Tonight. Or Access Hollywood. Or a tabloid at the checkout counter of my neighborhood bodega.

Now Today is the first to jump on any story that contains even a hint of celebrity scandal, and belabor every detail with people whose “expertise” is as suspect as the newsworthiness of the story.

Take Charlie’s situation today.

Apparently he is traveling with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two kids, and was entertaining a woman in his room — separate hotel rooms, since they are divorced.  But his guest got freaked by his behavior and called for help.

Charlie spent a day in the hospital, but is already back on set.

But to hear Meredith Vieira and the supposed relationship expert tell the tale, Charlie Sheen’s mere presence in the hotel with Denise and his two kids was practically child abuse.

Going on little information and a lot of emotion, they declared him an unfit parent, a danger to his children and pretty much decided in their television court of law, that he should be denied access.

Wow — and to think I used to watch Today for the news.

Lost out

I never saw a single, solitary episode of “Lost.”

I am an island.

I was aware of the series, of course.  (I don’t live on an island.)  Since its pilot episode, it has dominated magazine covers, had virtually its own segment on “Access Hollywood” and “Entertainment Tonight,”  and has been the topic of discussion pretty much everywhere you go.

For six years.

Don’t get me wrong — I never regretted missing out.  Never wanted to rent the first season DVD and catch up so I could be a part of the phenomenon.  Never really cared why they crashed, if they were going to survive, or if the whole thing was really a dream.

“Lost” was lost on me.

The same thing happened with “24.”  I’ve never seen a single hour of that seemingly endless day.  And now the series comes to an end…and again, I don’t feel left out.  I don’t feel the need to catch up.  It’s just one of those things that passed me by.

Which begs the question:  is possibly all the must-see TV that we run home to watch and feverishly set our DVRs to record — me included — is it all just as easily missed?

Would life be just as full if we let it all pass us by?


Lower still

Oh, the tabloid media.  They’ll do just about anything to sell magazines.

Just ask Tiger Woods.

And now the more legitimate press is getting in on the action…if you want to include Vanity Fair under that umbrella.

TMZ.com and ‘Access Hollywood’ may have brought us photos of Tiger’s crashed car and collected the names of his ever-growing stable of mistresses, but Vanity Fair ‘got the get’ we’ve all been waiting for —

Tiger’s naked chest.

True, it’s not a photo related to the scandal.  (I don’t think anyone got a shot of his bloodied lip following the car crash, gosh darn it.)  And the Vanity Fair photo spread was snapped long before any of this ugliness took place.  But at least it was taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, which means the photos are excellent, even if they aren’t really pertinent.

But Vanity Fair is going to make them seem that way.

The article itself?  Pure conjecture.  An interesting comparison between Tiger’s handling of the scandal and George Clooney’s character in the movie “Up in the Air.”  But no interview with Tiger.  No new details about the situation or his future on the tour.

Vanity Fair, you’ve done the tabloids proud.

Gossip girl

If your holiday lights seem to have lost some of their twinkle today, don’t waste time searching for a faulty bulb.  The shadow that has fallen comes from an altogether different source.

Today Nancy O’Dell co-hosts “Access Hollywood” for the last time.


After 10 years of anchoring this entertainment staple, Nancy is stepping down, and two years before her current contract ends.

The reason?  O’Dell is unhappy with the more ‘sensational direction’ that the show has taken in recent years — this from an unnamed source in People. Nancy isn’t talking, though; her website says nothing.  She hasn’t tweeted, either.  But supposedly today is her final day co-hosting with Billy Bush.

Now, I don’t watch “Access Hollywood” regularly, but the thought that Nancy is leaving because entertainment news is becoming ‘sensational’ makes me laugh.  More intrusive?  Absolutely.  But I think sensationalism is a just a part of the celebrity machine.

I suspect Nancy has bigger things up her sleeve.  Will be interesting to see where she ends up.

Or not.