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Oh dear

Does this commercial make you hungry for soup?

All I can think about every time I see it is the agency pitch.

How uncomfortable that room must have been that day!  The looks that went around that table.  And who was the genius who finally talked them into it?

Oh my.

Oh my my my my my.

There’s a cold front a’comin’

What’s up with Dairy Queen?

They seem as fascinated with natural disasters as Quentin Tarentino is with blood and gore.

mudslideI’ve never really thought about it until today, when a friend posted a picture of a DQ Mudslide (left) on Facebook.

Looks tasty.

But then I realized DQ has Mudslides.  And Blizzards.  And Earthquakes.

And it makes you wonder what naming guru at DQ — or their agency of record — associates really bad weather with ice cream treats?

You gotta admit, it’s weird.

And probably weirder still that we don’t spare the names a second thought as we cram all that gooey chocolate sauce into our pie holes.

This ad makes me feel lazy

What have you accomplished today?

A billboard in Lima, Peru converts air into purified water for drinking.

Let’s hear it for the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) and ad agency Mayo Publicidad. Thanks to their ingenuity, families in that desert community have access to over 25 gallons of purified water a day.

I think I can add a couple of things to my to-do list…

Thrills chills

Hot weather got you down?











Freddy would be thrilled to chill you.

Chucky, too. And rumor has it Jason’s mask has been seen lurking in the deep freeze.

In the way back.

These “Ice Scream” pops are the brain freeze child of Sergei Starostin and Victoria Mamikonova, founders of Stoyn, an advertising firm based in Lobnya near Moscow, Russia.

You can submit orders and ideas to stoynicecream@gmail.com.

They don’t appear to have an ice cream truck of their own, but you have to wonder what kind of music it would play as it meandered down the street.

The theme from Psycho, maybe?

And would you have to worry that their ice cream man would follow you back inside the house and treat you to some gruesome, horror-movie death?