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Time warp

My advice for today: never take time for granted.

As in, don’t assume your smartphone clock is always right. Like I did this morning.

alarm clock graphicI woke up and glanced at my phone — 6am.


I could turn off my usual 6:30 alarm (because I hate alarms) and check my email, Facebook, etc. before I woke up the dog, who I could hear snoring on his pillow.

A lazy, relaxing start to the day.

When the two of us ventured out into the living room some 45 minutes later, the DVR clock held a surprise  —

It was 5:45, not 6:45 like my phone seemed to think.

A quick check of my phone’s clock settings revealed that the “automatic date and time” selection that links your phone to the network time was unchecked.

I don’t know how that happened. I certainly didn’t do it.  But consider this post an opportunity for you to double check your smartphone settings…

And get all the sleep you deserve tonight.

Sleep easy

I had to set a really early alarm to catch my flight to Dallas this morning, and I actually slept until it went off.  My secret?

The Quil.

Usually if I have to get up super early for any reason, I wake up every hour on the hour to check and make sure I am not sleeping through my alarm.

It’s really annoying.

Then I’m awake before my alarm goes off and really tired from my night of no sleep.

But yesterday I had the beginnings of  a head cold.  And since I was taking DayQuil yesterday, I took NyQuil last night to complete the continuous cycle of medication I had started.  As a result, I slept like a baby…and seriously thought my smoke detector was beeping when I was jarred awake in the wee hours.

What have we learned?

NyQuil.  It’s not just for head colds anymore.


Wimbledon is a racket.

I look forward to it every year, and watch every moment of tennis that my schedule allows.

But this year?

My actual body clock reset itself to make sure of it.

I normally wake up around 7am every morning — without an alarm — to walk the dog.  But this year during Wimbledon, I have been popping out of bed between 5:30-6:00am

I know that the first hour of Wimbledon coverage on ESPN is bogus chit-chat, and the matches don’t start until 8:00am.  But my body doesn’t.  And I especially know that the weekend coverage doesn’t begin until 9:00am.

Go back to sleep.

(I’m not listening.)