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Hi neighbor!

When I moved to Manhattan, my first celebrity encounter was with Michael McGlone, who co-starred in “The Brothers McMullen” with director Ed Burns.

I was riding the up escalator at the AMC theater in Lincoln Square — and he was riding the down — and I’m pretty sure he heard me report the sighting in my cellphone because he was smiling to himself as we ‘passed in the night.’

A few months later, the doorman at the building next door to mine — a very good friend of Rory’s — introduced me to Michael as he was walking through the lobby because he lived there.  Michael was extremely polite, kind of like a politician in his manner.  And from that day forward, if I saw him on the street, he always smiled and said hello.  He even invited me to a local club to see his band play.

Look at me — I’m a friend of Michael McGlone.

So as his friend, I have to brag and tell everyone to watch his new commercials for GEICO.

No, he’s not wearing a gecko outfit.  He’s in a brand new campaign playing a serious, suited announcer-type.  He appears on-camera posing questions about some very familiar faces — questions like:

“Does Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle?”

“Is Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones too tall?”

“Does Elmer Fudd have problems with the letter ‘R’?”

He’s still sporting the same Wall Street, slicked-back ‘do from his McMullen days, but it works with the suit.  And his voice is filled with the appropriate sense of import.

Beats a gecko any day.

Go get ’em, Michael!

Waiting is the twi-hardest part

I figured out why people behaving badly is bothering me so much.

I miss Edward. I miss my perfect vampire.

It’s especially hard now that ‘True Blood’ has finished its season, and I can no longer distract myself with icy blond Eric or southern gentleman Bill.  They were always placeholders for Edward — I knew that; we all knew that — but it was an oh, so pleasant way to fill the void.

Now, I’m back to a world crowded with normal, often obnoxious humans.  No pale skin that shimmers in the sunlight.  No singular kiss that can knock me to my knees (or possibly kill). No endless wealth, because, gee, it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich vampire as it is a poor one in these hard economic times.

I know I’m not alone in my twi-longings. The Internet is filled with blogs and boards and sites where fans of the series wax poetic as they count down the days until the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” on November 20th.

But today I realized that even my local AMC theatre longs for Edward.  How can I tell?  As I walked my dog past the marquee, where it typically promotes movies currently showing, it displayed:

“Sorority Row,” featuring the trailer for “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Wow.  So, now they’re promoting the trailer for “New Moon.”  They must think we’ll go see anything with Twilight on it.

I mean, I was already planning to see this sure-to-be-a-classic horror film starring Rumor Willis and Audrina Partridge.  The “New Moon” trailer playing at the start has nothing to do with it.

At all.