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35,000 feet treats

Guess who took the flight with me today from New York City to Dallas?

garrettsGarrett’s Popcorn

American Airlines is now offering the yummy treat — a favorite when I travel to Chicago — on their afternoon flights over two hours.

It’s a mix of cheese and caramel corn — that perfect combination of sweet and salty — that disappears pretty darn quickly when you are reading a good book or watching the in-flight movie or trying to ignore the screaming baby.

(The baby rode with me today as well.)

I know the airlines are always trying to find ways to differentiate themselves — I think American needs to feature Garrett’s in their ads.

It’s that good, people.

Trading places

Celebrities — they’re just like us.

Not. Even. Close.

While watching reruns on television last night — yes, it’s that very sad time of year — I was treated to not one but two commercials that referenced Alec Baldwin’s infamous inflight meltdown.

You remember — he was playing Words with Friends after the plane door had closed and had a very heated exchange with the American flight attendants.  Then a very heated Twitter tirade about same.

Then he closed his Twitter account.

Months later, his Twitter is open.  He even made fun of the account on a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.  And now not only Capitol One has referenced the incident in their latest ad — starring Baldwin, of course — but also a commercial highlighting the inventors of…

Words with Friends.

Yep, stuff like that happens to me all the time when I have travel mishaps.

Not. Even. Close.

Oh Canada

American Airlines — you know, the bankrupt one — sent me an email reminder last night to check-in for my ‘international flight.’

Can I really leave the country on American Eagle in less than 90 minutes?

Turns out I can.

That breathtaking view is Toronto, Ontario.  This won’t be my first visit there, but my first real opportunity to see the city .  Last time the weather was so heinous, I only saw the airport and my hotel, which was located on the outskirts of the city.

Didn’t step a foot outside.

This trip I’m staying in the heart of the city.  So I’m crossing all my available appendages that it will be nice enough outside to do a little sightseeing during my 30-hour stay.  But the forecast says ‘light snow.’

How many inches = light in the Great White North?

First, ya’ll

To paraphrase Katy Perry:

“I flew first class, and I liked it.”

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve been in the ‘uppity-up’ cabin before.  As a frequent flier for American Airlines, I earned points to travel first class from time to time.

But now that I am an elite member of Delta Airlines, they bestow first class on me whenever they have capacity (and no one higher up on the food chain is in the way).  It’s like this little gift that appears at the gate when they swipe my ticket.  Such joy!

This week, I’ve been upgraded on pretty much every flight — and there have been a lot of them — so I’m kinda getting used to it.

Now, first class is fairly stripped down these days.  On most flights, you are no longer guaranteed a meal or even warmed nuts (my personal favorite).  The drinks are still free, of course, and you board early.

But I think the two reasons first class will always be popular is the space and better service.  Being able to stretch out is such a luxury, and I’ve rarely met a flight attendant in first who wasn’t pleasant and helpful.

First class is like taking a tiny trip to the South every time you sit there.  Open spaces.  Friendly people.

And, oh yeah — the liquor.

Pay it forward

You’ve heard the saying “you get what you give?”

Last night felt like a textbook example.

I was on an extremely crowded flight from Miami to LaGuardia in a window seat near the back of the plane.  I know window seats are coveted by many, but I’m an aisle seat gal — the ‘power seat.’  I can get out when I want, stretch my legs out in the aisle, and make a run for it when we land.

But alas, last night I was in the window seat.  Not long after I had gotten settled, the woman in the middle seat asked if I would swap seats with her mom who was in a window seat a few rows back.  Sure, why not?  They were grateful, and I was happy to do it.

Not long after I had moved my things, the man sitting in the middle seat asked if I would consider swapping with his friend, who had an aisle seat.  Absolutely!

I was feeling the good karma wash over me.

I sat down, got comfortable, and then the man in the middle seat turned to me.  “Uh oh,” I thought. “If he asks me to move, that’s really going to be a test.”

Turns out he and his wife were looking for transportation advice upon arrival to Hoboken, New Jersey. During our conversation, I discovered she and I grew up literally miles from each other.  They were returning home to D.C. from their honeymoon cruise, but their flight home had been canceled due to weather. So they diverted to LaGuardia to visit with friends until they could fly home on Monday.

By the time we hit NYC, I offered to let them share my cab into Manhattan, and then they continued on to Hoboken.

One simple act of kindness — swapping seats — netted me new friends Adam and Ruth, originally from Carbondale, Illinois.

Congrats on your marriage, guys, and enjoy your unexpected trip to the New York area.

Plugging along…

Have you flown American Airlines lately?

During the month of December, passengers are getting a big ol’ serving of product placement with their complimentary beverage.

You see, American is the featured airline in the George Clooney film “Up in the Air” [opening Friday in theaters everywhere], and they are promoting the movie on every screen, magazine and mixed nut package.

Vera Farmiga, the actress who plays Clooney’s love interest in the film, also just happens to be the cover story for the December issue of the American Way in-flight magazine.

Funny how those things happen.

As an extremely frequent flier myself – usually on Delta Airlines (full disclosure) – I am very excited to see “Up in the Air.”  While I don’t come close to the 322 travel days a year that Clooney’s character logs in the film, the promos that I have seen to date certainly capture the annoyingly-wearing-mind-numbing-sameness of business travel.

And while American Airlines may be pimping the movie a bit much, I’m still psyched to see this tiny slice of my life on the big screen.

It’s like I always tell people —  business travel is only glamorous if you’re not the one doing it…or if George Clooney is.