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In 7 days…

During this fortnight that is Wimbledon, I can’t get enough tennis.

7DaysInHell-720x1066But that’s not why I loved and fervently recommend 7 Days in Hell, the hilarious mockumentary scheduled to air this Saturday night on HBO.

(I saw it early OnDemand. Gotta love OnDemand.)

Andy Samberg (SNL, Brooklyn 99) is Aaron Williams, a washed up former tennis star long removed from the game who returns for one last epic match against his bitter rival, young tennis phenom Charles Poole, played by Kit Harington (the late — or is he? — Jon Snow of Game of Thrones).

The match goes the full five sets and, since it is played at Wimbledon, does not have a tie break in the final set. So the play goes on and on — for a variety of bizarre reasons — for seven long days.

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut will be a tad jealous when they see why.  (They hold the real record for the longest match at Wimbledon, iffin you didn’t know — 11 hours, 5 minutes of play over three days.)

There are tons of cameos by celebrities from television, film, tennis, even the world of magic. The story is outrageous, but the documentary format is honored, so it looks right…

Even though it is gloriously wrong.

Anchor frog

If you watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, three things should be abundantly clear.

  1. Jason Segel rocked it as guest host.
  2. Seducing women through chess is harder than it sounds.
  3. Seth Meyers has finally found his “Weekend Update” co-anchor.

After Amy Poehler left SNL two seasons ago, it appeared that Meyers was destined to sit alone at the anchor desk.  But after Saturday’s inspired edition of “Really?!??! with Kermit and Seth” — starring Kermit the Frog of the Muppets — it appears that Seth has finally found his soul mate.

Have a look-see.

Is Kermit too green to realize?  Will Miss Piggy make life miserable if and when he does? And, most importantly — is Seth too fragile to withstand the body blows to come?

I’d love to see that anchor pairing on SNL.

How ’bout you?


It was kinda like doing a Facebook search and finding three results…

…but a whole lot funnier.

As soon as Jesse Eisenberg was announced as guest host on “Saturday Night Live” — where Adam Samberg does a pretty funny Mark Zuckerberg himself — folks started talking about how hilarious it would be if the real Facebook founder were to make an appearance on the show.

It was an almost impossible get.  Zuckerberg has been pretty vocal about his opinion of “The Social Network” — both its perceived inaccuracies and his portrayal, which Eisenberg himself described as his “interpretation of a fictional character.”

Ah, the power of words.

Well, Lorne Michaels made the impossible possible, and the ‘three Zucks’ opened the show.  It was funny… and awkward.  And I’m sure a few people were pretty embarrassed.

Namely, “The Social Network” casting director.

When you see Andy Samberg and Mark Zuckerberg standing together, and hear them speak and see them smile…it’s kinda amazing.

They are as genetically similar as the dread Winklevi.

Andy might not have been nominated for an Oscar for the role like Eisenberg was, but I’ll bet Zuckerberg would have easily seen himself in the performance.

How could he not?

The Timberlake effect

Justin Timberlake and the Grammy Awards producers certainly have a high opinion of his prowess on stage.  But I just don’t get it.

When I look at Justin Timberlake, I see a thin, geeky guy with bad hair and an unfortunate nose. Looks aren’t everything, I know…but then he opens his mouth and speaks. His voice is a disturbingly high, female tone to my ear, and paired with his overall look, it does not convince me that sexy is back.

Now, I have seen Justin on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and I agree that he is funny. Very funny even. He does great schtick. I wish he was a regular cast member. I love his SNL Shorts with Andy Samberg. (You know, they stole ‘Dick in a Box’ from a card I did for Hallmark, but I chose not to prosecute.)

But Justin Timberlake ‘the mega-watt singer’ just doesn’t compute for me. I do not understand why audiences fill stadiums to see him…and scream.  And Jessica Biel dates him.  Wow.

So, ‘justin’ case I’m missing something here…the floor is yours.