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Don’t Google this

So Anthony Ryan is ‘out’ on Project Runway.

Cute Anthony Ryan with the big, ever-changing glasses and tiny jeans.

Generous Anthony Ryan who gave his extra $11 to fellow contestant, friend and non-sewer Anya last night — whose money fell out of her cleavage at Mood — the evening’s eventual winner.

Most importantly, talented Anthony Ryan, who has put together some of the most creative looks on the program all season.

Remember the birdseed dress from the Petland Discounts challenge?  Should have won.


Or the glorious red number from the crazy circus week challenge? He and Laura made stilts look chic.

And my personal fav — the artwork-inspired evening gown from the museum challenge.

Whackadoo and wearable.

I love my Anthony Ryan.  He’s a fan favorite, too, based on the votes tallied at Lifetimetv.com.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I was in a complete snit last night after the judges announced the results.

One note — if you feel as I do, don’t Google ‘Anthony Ryan’ anytime soon.

It will totally poke a hole in your rage balloon.