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The key to happiness 

I handed over the keys for my New York City apartment to my broker on Thursday and flew off to Chicago.

My new place won’t be ‘mine’ until Tuesday, so until then, business trips — and generous cousins in a nearby burb — are providing shelter.

I’m used to living out of a suitcase,  so this vagabond period doesn’t really bother me. But it is somewhat disconcerting to not have keys to anything.

We spend so much time looking for our keys, carrying them, losing them, finding them…and now, I got nuthin.

My cousins, on the other hand….

They’re just showing off.

Bug’s eye view

What’s it like, living in a big city, everyone practically on top of each other?


These art pieces by Kudu-lah, on display at Stoopher & Boots in New York City, capture the feeling pretty well.  Living in tight spaces, yet kinda on display.  And often stacked together in high-rise buildings.

Don’t worry…

We still get out on the town.