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Topping tip

I read a great article today —

How to Turn Your Favorite Snack Food into Seasoning

The author recommends buying a cheap grinder at your local grocery store — perhaps when buying salt or pepper — and when it’s empty, placing small, broken-up chunks of your favorite snack foods inside.  Then use them as seasoning over appetizers, main dishes, desserts — you name it.

Voila — junk food seasoning.

grinderOf course, my first thought was Cheetos.

(If you’ve read this blog before, this should come as no surprise.)

We already know that Cheetos dust is super yummy eaten right off your fingers. Imagine it sprinkled on any of your favorite foods that already pair well with cheese…like popcorn.

Now you can take your Cheetos seasonings with you.  It’s certainly more portable than regular cheese since it doesn’t require refrigeration.

There’s enough preservatives in Cheetos to outlast us all.

We’re not gonna pay rent

I love my Upper West Side neighborhood.

But today, I have a major beef.

ditch plains uws

Ditch Plains, a wonderful restaurant across the street from my apartment, has closed. And the rents in my neighborhood are to blame.

Owner Marc Murphy did everything right when they opened three years ago. Their ‘soft open’ lasted a month, offering the entire menu at half-price and free appetizers and desserts. By the time they officially opened their doors, the entire neighborhood was hooked. On the menu. The atmosphere. The friendly vibe.

During the past three years, I have been a loyal customer, and from my unique vantage point, I have seen them maintain a healthy business — far more popular with people of all ages than the two previous restaurants that occupied that same space for brief spans of time. But like their predecessors, Ditch Plains’ success still couldn’t scale the exorbitant rents in my neighborhood.

And they are no more.

If you visit my neighborhood, you will see several empty storefronts. They no doubt are victims, too.

This is just the first to hit so close to home.

Winning apps

The Internet never fails to entertain me, especially the things some website editors will do to ‘make our lives easier.’

My latest favorite?  Slashfood.com tested all thirteen appetizers on the menu at Applebee’s to see which ones were the best bet on your next visit.

Talk about taking one for the team.

And their findings?

Applebee’s does Chicken Wings right.  Their “Classic Wings” were declared the winner by the Slashfood editors, who found them to be ‘meaty and well sauced, in both the Classic Buffalo and Hot Buffalo flavors.’  Applebee’s “Boneless Wings” were the runner-up.

The one app that you should probably avoid?  Applebee’s “Chili Cheese Nachos,” which SlashFood described as a ‘bland-o-rama.’


My favorite appetizer at Applebee’s?  The free one.  That’s right.  Pretty much every time I have visited this fine establishment, something has gone awry, and a free app was mine.

Food late?  Free app.  Order entered wrong?  Free app.  Order delivered wrong?  Free app.  It’s Applebee’s favorite form of apology.

Now, that’s tasty.