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During the pre-show at my local AMC theatre, an oft-run promo asks, “Do cell phones dream?” Personally, I want to know…

Do cell phone apps turn themselves on?

cell phone iconsNine times out of ten — when I swipe the screen on my Samsung Galaxy SIII — a random app is ready and waiting instead of the home screen that I expect.

Sometimes my camera is open and pointed at my face (which can be scary when you’re not ready for it).  Or the Seamless app is offering me restaurant choices to peruse.  More often than not, Fandango is open to their current movie push ad, which I quickly skip.

(And we all know it doesn’t take much for me to decide that going to the movie is a very good idea.)

What is making these apps pop open?  Is it something in the way I swipe?  Simple chance?  Or evil marketing genius at work?

If there are any app developers out there reading this blog — and if you are…really? —

I’d love to know.


When my friend Leah and I walk by the Apple store in our neighborhood, I always bow.  I sometimes add a sound effect, too….a long, drawn-out and other-worldly “laaaaaaaaaaa” that befits the store’s cathedral-like presence.

She just keeps walking.

You see, she’s an Apple fan.  I still use a PC.  Don’t get me wrong — I think the company is very innovative.  I just don’t rush out and buy every Apple product the minute it hits the market.  Like the iPad.

And thank goodness I didn’t.  It might have saved my life.

At the Foxconn factory in China where the iPad is made, there have been a disturbing number of suicides among the factory workers.  Is it the factory conditions?  Officials say no.  Could it be low wages?  Apple pays above the national average.

Is it the iPad itself?

Let’s think about it.  There have been complaints about the tablet since its release in April, including:

  • the low visibility screen
  • weak WiFi
  • difficult typing
  • more expensive apps
  • recharging and syncing problems
  • its fragile casing

All annoying, yes…but perhaps now we should add ‘makes people want to off themselves’ to the list.

My PC is looking better and better…