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The perfect thriller

Like a lot of people, I re-joined Netflix to get access to the new season of Arrested Development.  Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t watch it yesterday.

So no spoilers.

I have been watching a lot of other things on the streaming service. Movies that sunk by me at the theatre…or that didn’t reappear as I had expected on HBO.

One of my fav’s?

perfect host posterThe Perfect Host, starring David Hyde Pierce. He is always incredible, so I blame the marketing campaign for not inciting me to see this gem at the movie theatre.

Pierce plays Warwick Wilson, who is home prepping for a dinner party when John Taylor, an injured bank robber, comes to his door desperate to find a place to hide out.   John poses as a ‘friend of a friend’ and convinces Warwick to not only let him in, but also invite him to stay for the party. But as the guests arrive, John realizes Warwick is much more than he first appeared.

It’s creepy and kooky and has so many twists and turns, you won’t be able to keep up.  I loved it.  I recommend it.

Heck, it’s even worth joining Netflix to see.


Dear producers of ‘Parenthood’ on NBC:

When I first heard that this movie remake was coming to television — and that Ron Howard was attached — I was pretty excited.  Visions of  ‘Arrested Development’ started swirling in my brain.

Heady stuffy.

Then you guys had a bad break when actress Maura Tierney became ill, and you were forced to re-cast and delay the series to mid-season.  Now you are the ‘other family show;’  the brilliant “Modern Family” has already captured the imagination and allegiance of the American audience and the critics.

Admittedly, you have started in a hole.  But now your writers are digging you an even deeper one.

With all the talent you have in place — Lauren Graham, Craig T. Nelson, Peter Krause, Monica Potter and Dax Shepherd —  you are wasting them on tired storylines and family conflict we have seen time and time again.  Sure, a diagnosis of Asperger’s is unique to network television, but your treatment of the issue isn’t.

Your actors are better than this.  And if you loosen the reins a bit, I’ll bet your writers are, too.

Your parents are watching.  Make them proud.

Hot air

Happy Thanksgiving!

As long as I can remember, the Macy’s Parade has been a big part of my holiday morning.  The floats, the marching bands, and the balloons — Snoopy is still my favorite — were the sights and sounds that woke me up and provided the soundtrack for our family’s holiday preparations.

Now that I live in Manhattan’s Upper West Side — one block from the parade route and just around the corner from the Museum of Natural History where they inflate the balloons — the Macy’s Parade has gone from television spectacle to neighborhood block party.

From mid-day Wednesday until Thursday afternoon, throngs of people — including a celebrity or two — invade my block to witness the festivities.

My favorite Turkey Day celebrity encounter to date?

On my second year in New York, Rory and I took an early walk in Central Park on Thanksgiving — but not quite early enough, as it turned out.  We got ‘caught’ on the park side of Central Park West in the gathering crowd, and I couldn’t cross the street without police escort.

As I stood there waiting, Rory in my arms so he wouldn’t get trampled, a boy’s hand reached over to pet him on the head.

“Your dog is cute,” his quiet voice said.

As I turned to say thank you, I realized the hand and voice belonged to Michael Cera of “Arrested Development,” “Superbad,” and “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.”

He and I chatted for a few moments about typical dog topics (breed, age, name) until his mom told him it was time to meet the producer from NBC.  He never introduced himself, and I never acknowledged who he was.

We were just two people hanging out, talking puppy dogs, at the Turkey Day block party in the ‘hood.