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From time to time, The Sticky Egg not only highlights things that are cool, kitschy or culturally significant…

It points out stuff I simply gots to have!

For instance, in late January, I was inspired by an over-sized representation of a Marvel Comic strip panel that I felt had an important message for women everywhere:

“I simply haven’t met a boy yet who interests me! And until I do, I’d rather walk alone than date just anyone.”

I think I held out a whole week before I ordered that one.

And then earlier this month, I got all excited about the new — well, new to me anyway — iPhone icon pillows being sold by Craftsquatch, a store on Etsy.

I wrote that particular blog entry just a couple of days after my birthday, and mentioned what a wonderful gift they would make.

Well, one of my best friends took the bait, and I am happy to report…

There be iPhone pillows in the house!

Just look at them — it’s like the Marvel canvas and the pillows and my red leather couch were made for each other!

Since you are there for me through the silliness and the surreal, I wanted to celebrate my way cool decor with you as well.

And people say blogs don’t amount to anything…

A picture’s worth…

Today’s photo essay is for all the single ladies out there…

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  So I didn’t try.

Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. — This canvas is for sale on art.com, along with a lot of other great images from the Marvel Comics Retro collection.

What a great gift that would make.